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Family Acarosporaceae
Species Acarospora imbricatula H.Magn.
Name --- (it), --- (fr), --- (en)
Situation in Aosta Valley
Frequence in Aosta Valley
Chorology Specie presente nelle valli alpine su pendii esposti a sud.
Form of grouth Crostosa
Special phytoclimatic requirements Subcontinentali
Special water requirements Non richieste dalla specie
Exotic invasive species -
Altitude levels
Snow Level
Alpine Level
Sub-Alpine Level
Mountain Level
Hilly Level
Substrate Rock |
Photosynthetic partner Green algae (excluding Trentepholia) |
pH Very acid From very acid to subneutral Subneutral From subneutral to basic Basic
Light Full shadow Shadow Weak direct solar irradiation Strong indirect irradiation Strong direct irradiation
Humidity Hygrophitic Moderately hygrophitic Mesophytic Xerophytic Very xerophytic
Eutrophication Absent Very low Low Quite high Very high
Reproduction Sexual reproduction |
Habitats Acque libere - Eaux libres - Running waterAmbienti rocciosi - Milieux rocheux - Rocky environmentsPraterie - Prairies - PrairiesArbusteti - Arbrisseaux - ShrubsBoschi di latifoglie - Bois de feuillus - Broadleaf woods
Boschi di conifere - Bois de conifères - Conifer woodsAmbienti agricoli - Milieux agricoles - Agricultural environmentsAmbienti ruderali - Milieux rudéraux - Ruderal environmentsAmbienti antropizzati - Milieux anthropiques - Anthropic environments
Index of anthropic pressure Natural or semi-natural habitats
Regional law for flora protection (L.R. 45/09) Annex A
Species Acarospora imbricatula H.Magn.
Species Acarospora imbricatula H.Magn.
Ultima segnalazione / Dernière observation / Last signalisation <1980 >=1980